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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drama on the web

Those who know this blog from entrecard know me a bit.
When you've heard from the drama one of the members created by false accusations you have to go to my new blog.

This one is entrecard free and it will stay that way.

I'm fed up with all the drama on the web.

I've been a member of a group for people who make their own clothes.
It was fun to exchange little tricks to make the clothes nicer, show off what was made etc etc.

Then one day a member accused some others of stealing a pattern. (You know, the paper drawing how the parts of the fabric need to be cut and assembled).
The moderators immediately put those on moderation, thus conveying the message she believed the first woman.

Turned out they all used the same bought pattern.
So in fact the first woman was claimng a pattern to be one of herself whereas it wasn't.

I feel rotten to be slandered and to seen that some other bloggers think the same just because the first one said so.

I feel even more rotten that other members of the autism organisation I volunteer for are accused too.
I wonder if all those sites that are called cheaters are dutch.

Well, it snowed last night and the wind was awful.
But...I had my day off...

What a pity someone thought it well to disturb the day.


New York's HOTTEST Blog! February 12, 2010 at 4:29 AM  

Hello! I am a regular Entrecard dropper and visitor! You rnew website will not load in my browser - more than 30 minutes will go by and my computer freezes.

I can still reach you here on your blogspot blog! Here is a note i left for the accuser:

Regarding Entrecard, (Suddenly all "DROPPERS" are on the defensive) if I could have found a way to leave this comment on "Cornyman" Martin's blog I would have... his page just lies there... I left it loading from 9pm to 9:30 and the comment box still wouldn't open up!

Martin, I go online via dialup and use one of those "power" internet accelerators that is "all cache, all the time" - I've cleared out and renewed about 50 of the blogs I regularly visit, but it is a tedious process itself, moreso than dropping, with some sites at 28.8 taking almost 15 minutes to load! (and CornyManMartin's STILL LOADING at 33 minutes!)

@LAINY: I often leave comments or say hello via tagboard or C-Box when a blog has those features, as they seem to refresh when the templates load. I agree with you - it's a great way to not only show you've beenthere, but contribute to another's blog!

RE-Entrepod February 12, 2010 at 9:58 PM  

I am so pissed right now. I am sure you are too. I'm pulling two of my three blogs out of entrecard because of this whole bs.

please do take a moment and read my post today and respond. I think this is more than enough to put up with from clickfarmers.

I'm with you, enough of the drama

Ane Fallarme February 13, 2010 at 4:00 AM  

It's so funny how everyone is making such a big deal about this, is dropping an ec REALLY that important?

I've tried those so called ghost dropper systems, which I admitted on his blog... I mean come on, I have a life and dropping 600 cards is just not possible for someone like me... I've come across your blog numerous times before either via entrecard or adgitize and I'm a really bad commenter, so sorry about that.. does that make me a ghost dropper?? hope not! :D

Ane Fallarme February 13, 2010 at 4:01 AM  

it's a good idea to have one blog that is ec free.. :)

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