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Friday, February 12, 2010

About my other site

Oh, it's friday evening again.
So my new site is offline for a while because the server is making a back up or under maintenance or something like that.
It's ridiculous, I know.

Well, most of you can find me here.

It also means I'm going to keep this blog alive. I was blogging here about school and on the other blog about other things, so I'm OK with that.

Someone asked why I removed the entrecard widget.
I've done that because I thought I would move the complete site to the new place.
I started doing so a while ago.
But this site is my first one and for some strange reason I cling to it.

I must find a better name for it, but for the time being this will do.

That's why I haven't transferred google friends, etc.

So I haven't removed it because of the EC-drama.


This morning it was terribly cold with that northern wind again.
At school some children looked so cold that we opened the doors long before the regular time, so they could come in.
Some children were going to the heating to warm their hands and feet, but I've send them all away. Cold extremities should be warmed slowly.
When all the kids were in we did some exercises to get warm and then we changed all plans and we got the kids who wanted to sing to the main hall where I sang songs with them. One of the teachers is pure amazement on the piano. I don't understand why he isn't famous. He played along.
It was fun and brough a good spirit in school.

The other kids were allowed to play or work to their desire as long as they didn't disturb others.

We should do this more often!


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