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Sunday, January 25, 2009

unconscious mutterings

You can let your own unconscious speak.
So why not join unconscious mutterings.
Each week Luna Nina gives 10 triggers,
and without thinking the participants give their reaction.

I'm one of them.

  1. Unwanted :: Not needed
  2. You’d better :: sing a nice song.
  3. Woman :: and man
  4. Weighed :: as a witch
  5. Upright :: and strong
  6. I feel :: OK
  7. Ill :: Many people have the flu now
  8. It’s like :: the world never stops turning
  9. Poor man :: doesn't know happiness
  10. Great :: idea


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Studying involves books, but also learning with other people.

This week we had to practice therapeutical skills on one another.

I don't like to have someone inexperienced dig into my feelings, so I was very happy that I found my name on the list for behavioral therapy.
It's one of the areas one can easily fake a problem.

So I told I wanted to get rid of my smoking habit.

I've never smoked, but I know it's very difficult to stop without falling into the trap of eating too much.

The guy who had to play my therapist smelled badly. It was like the smoke was coming out of his coat at all sides. So I got a few coughing attacks.
He didn't even put two and two together.

Purpose of the course is to make a treatment plan and use it.

He made a plan that forced me to diminish smoking day by day.
He didn't realize new problems can be expected.

So we're in for a lot of fun.

My client had bad eating habits, so I've send her to the doc to get a check up to see if there are any deficiencies, and after that to the dietitian to get a good advice.

So the next meeting is after that.

The supervisor had a good laugh about it, but he agreed completely.
Her problem is sincere and any physical problems need to be excluded, and when she really wants to change her habits she'd better have a good dietplan to stick to.

He kindly extended the coursetime with the extra time needed, so that gives me a bit of room to study extra for a few subjects I took on last week.

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