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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its Queensnight

Queensday is unique in the world.

There is no country in the world where one can find a celebration like we have in The Netherlands.

We used to celebrate the birthday of Queen Juliana.
She passed away a few years ago and the new queen, Queen Beatrix, decided to keep this special day to honor her mother and to celebrate we're a kingdom.

Young people start the evening and night before the day with concerts and parties.

We had a large party here with friends and had a tremendously good time.

I've danced almost all night, well, my feet feel that way.
I think it's a bit less, as I crashed with a rather interesting guy.

It was nice to meet someone new, especially as we shared some interests and then landed in a discussion with mutual friends, nearly biting each others ears off.

It was such fun!!

I bet the drinks helped a bit too. LOL!

When it was almost sunrise he suggested to go to the river and walked over the bridge to see the day begin.

It was good I grasped an umbrella and some bread, and he grasped a package of yoghurt and some fruit.

We had breakfast when the sun was rising somewhere behind a thick layer of clouds.
I bet it was far better than the Queen had. LOL!


Monday, April 28, 2008

red behind closed eyes

Sunday weather was amazing

We were able to sit outside, relax and get a tan.

Many of here at the studenthouse were at their parents.
Only a few of us were here.

In the morning we took the chairs out of the shed and gave them a good clean.
Some of the boys went to a football match and the rest just crashed in the sun.

It's a long time ago I saw the sun as red behind closed eyes.
After being bothered by all sorts of thought my mind started to wander and then it shut itself off.

When I woke up I was as red as a tomato in full season, and all were laughing because my pendent had a white shadow on my skin.

Well, thank you!!

During the night it started to hurt badly.

I don't often feel sorry for myself, but I almost did.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

unconscious mutterings #274

  1. Thug :: he raps

  2. Slurp :: that means slap, doesn't it?

  3. Alley :: tornado alley

  4. Sweater vest :: old fashioned

  5. Targeted :: choosen

  6. Snazzy :: flashy

  7. Oy! :: wait

  8. Jury duty :: ugh

  9. Low fat :: slim

  10. Responsibility :: take the consequences

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

childcare and wrong decisions

Studying special subjects means visiting other universities too.

Today I had to go to another university for some lectures about childabuse, a special subject I've taken.

It was very informative, but I got the impression these people of childcare are completely fixed on saving the child, without caring for the effects on the long run.

One of the casus they presented was about a little girl that was abused by the friend of the mother.
The child was taken away from the home, placed in temporary foster care.

One of the students asked if they gave the mother psychological support.
The woman who gave the lecture was very uncomfortable with the question.
She didn't give a clear answer.

Another student asked why the other 2 children were not taken into care.
According to the lecturer they weren't harmed and they didn't expect to be harmed.

I asked why there wasn't a court order to get the friend of the mother out of the house. He could be detained.
She answered that they didn't have full proof it was him.

I don't understand...the mother had gone for help because the friend was abusing the child. That should be proof enough to get that friend out of the home and leave the girls with her family.

Then she said they were afraid the mother might take the loss of her friend against the child.

Well, I told her I considered her answer as a statement that they didn't really care what harm they do by taking a child from the family.

It will also be bad publicity when this comes in the media, because it means that other women will think twice when they report a friend or spouse.

She answered it was an old case.


On the train back we were still discussing her attitude and forgot to look around to see the wonderful blossoming trees.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh, those exams!!

Had to take time to study hard for an exam.
It went well, so I think I can leave that one behind too.

We had to be there at 10, and then there was no one to hand out the papers.
So frustrating!
I got very nervous. Stupid, but true.

After the exam most of the group came to the restaurant and started compairing answers.
I just took a coffee and went.
I'll hear the results soon enough.

The group outside, in the sun, was growing and then someone suggested going to one of the tenniscourts and so we did.

Now my neck, forehead and nose are sunburned...


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring celebration

Marvellous it was!
Oh what a day!

I can't believe what nature is doing!
When going to university this morning I had to get rid of my coat, it was simply too hot.

Yesterday I could see through the trees and shrubs, today it was all green and I couldn't see what's happening behind them anymore.

We all went to the toplevel of our building and had a look at the town... beautiful!
It's a real spring celebration.

It was less fun when we came down. The tutor had a bad mood and he couldn't appreciate us being a few minutes late.
I'm not sure if he planned to teach about the theories of the beginning of last century, but he bored us to death.

It's nice to know history, but it's absolutely of no use for therapeutic treatment at all.
When he left we all were silent and then started a yawnconcerto.

We were finished early today so most of us went to town to sit at the river and have a beer.
It felt like being on vacation.

We're about to watch a video now.
Today the choice was made by the guys, so I'm afraid we're in for an action movie.

Well, I have only limited time at the computer today.
It's still sharingtime.

I'll install the manual buzzfuse widget for another time.
Thanks for commenting!!
I'll visit you when it's quiet here and none is calling for me.



Monday, April 21, 2008

This spring weather is perfect

Today the weather was perfect!

Lots of sun.
I could feel the temperature rising when I went to the university.

It was the first day of the year to have lunch outside, watching the clouds pass by.

The weatherforecast anounced more of these days. With a little less wind.

You won't hear me complain.

Soon it's time for outside parties.
I can't wait!

How was your weather?



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Sunday, April 20, 2008

unconscious mutterings #273

  1. Questioning :: police

  2. Immunity :: vaccines

  3. Online dating :: finding friends

  4. Calcium :: bones

  5. Dressing :: lettuce

  6. Bucket :: water

  7. Stain :: spot

  8. Advanced :: far reached

  9. Dramatic :: hysteric

  10. Self-medication :: headache


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