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Saturday, April 26, 2008

childcare and wrong decisions

Studying special subjects means visiting other universities too.

Today I had to go to another university for some lectures about childabuse, a special subject I've taken.

It was very informative, but I got the impression these people of childcare are completely fixed on saving the child, without caring for the effects on the long run.

One of the casus they presented was about a little girl that was abused by the friend of the mother.
The child was taken away from the home, placed in temporary foster care.

One of the students asked if they gave the mother psychological support.
The woman who gave the lecture was very uncomfortable with the question.
She didn't give a clear answer.

Another student asked why the other 2 children were not taken into care.
According to the lecturer they weren't harmed and they didn't expect to be harmed.

I asked why there wasn't a court order to get the friend of the mother out of the house. He could be detained.
She answered that they didn't have full proof it was him.

I don't understand...the mother had gone for help because the friend was abusing the child. That should be proof enough to get that friend out of the home and leave the girls with her family.

Then she said they were afraid the mother might take the loss of her friend against the child.

Well, I told her I considered her answer as a statement that they didn't really care what harm they do by taking a child from the family.

It will also be bad publicity when this comes in the media, because it means that other women will think twice when they report a friend or spouse.

She answered it was an old case.


On the train back we were still discussing her attitude and forgot to look around to see the wonderful blossoming trees.


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