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Sunday, January 31, 2010

unconscious mutterings #366

  1. Furniture :: I need a new desk.

  2. Beauty :: the snow outside

  3. Sip :: hot chocolate at the moment

  4. Block :: head

  5. Forehead :: pain

  6. Championship :: contest

  7. Hurl :: and swirl

  8. Whip :: -ped cream. Wish I had that on my hot chocolate now

  9. Destruction :: with dynamite. Saw that on TV this morning.

  10. Leather :: coach. Some psychologists have them

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

tasty baked bread

Take non sticking baking paper and a few slices of bread.

Make boxes from the paper by cutting a piece of paper that's twice the length and wisth of a slice of bread.
Take the bottom slightly larger than a slice of bread, fold the sides upward.
Take a corner, fold one together, then open, fold the two sides against the "walls" and put what's left inside. Do that with all corners.

Butter the inside of the boxes when it's ordinary baking paper, because you want to prevent the content sticking to it.

Butter slices of bread.
Put in each box 1 slice of bread with the buttered side on top.
Put ribbons of ham on it.
Put small pieces or grated cheese on it. Cheddar or old cheese, just what you prefer.

Mix in a bowl eggs and a bit of milk, with a bit of pepper and salt and anything you prefer.

Pour it over the bread and make a decision.

You can put it in the fridge to wait, or you can bake it right now.

180 degrees, 30 minutes or until brown


Friday, January 29, 2010

Last day of the workweek

I almost overslept this morning.
The rain was washing the roof so thoroughly that the sounds was pleasant and sleep evoking.

Because I also have the radio as alarm and I heard the news from afar, I got some kind of reality check in my dreams and suudenly sat straight up in my bed.

When the streets would have been slippery I would have been too late, but now I was in just one minute before the start of the day.

I have problems leading such an overorganised life.
But I have to get used to it.

Right now the streets are plain ice and it's snowing a bit.
I'll do the groceries tomorrow a bit later than usual.
That means a bit of extra sleep. Won't hurt.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ballet or fitness

I remember the moment when my balletteacher asked another pupil if she was fitnessing.
The girl was amazed that the teacher knew, but when she asked "why" the teacher said: it's your shoulders.

I've never had much interest in fitness, even though we have a large fitness studio/hall at uni.
The pain in my shoulders and neck after working out made me go to the doc who told me to stay away, unless it was done under individual guidance by a physiotherapist.
My shoulders are a bit bended and fitness puts too much of a burden on it, whereas ballet and the attention for a straight back and lift overs of the head, firms the muscles I need more.

I don't often go to ballet anymore.
During the past year and this year I had so much to do and so little money to spend.

Do you like those broad male shoulders for a woman?
I don't.

Like here:

Graphic made with scrapkit from Kittz Kreationz


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

assisting at gymnastics

Assisting at gymnastics is a real job.
You need to have ears and eyes everywhere, or you need to subject the children to military training.

We didn't do anything dangerous, but even then it was a 100% concentration job.
The inhibit the enthousiastic without taking their enthousiasm away, and to motivate inhibited children is very important.

When parents would understand that they would value teachers more.
I'm sure of that.

Graphic made with scrapkit from Kittz Kreationz


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

again extreme weather

Again the weather is extreme.
Temperatures of minus 15.5 celcius have been measured and it's not even the coldest time of the night.

Like last time the wind sounds strange, like coming from above instead of coming from closer to earth.

I've had a nice day at the school.

Today I was allowed to assist with gymnastics.
Not because it will be my job, but because it's good to see the children in a different environment.

Some children open up completely, while others get withdrawn and insecure.

A great day.

Don't forget to visit my new blog.

Graphic made with scrapkit from Kittz Kreationz


Monday, January 25, 2010

important announcement

Isn't this good news?

At the moment adgitize doesn't work, but that's not due to me.

Please subscribe at my new site to google friends connect and the other subscriptions.

Thanks a lot!


Graphic made with scrapkit from Kittz Kreationz


Sunday, January 24, 2010

a new url

I'm very happy to announce that you can find my new blog at:

Please update your links,

especially your entrecard and adgetize lists.

Thank you.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

still solving troubles

Between tending to my normal saturday duties I tried to find a way to solve the problems with the wordpress site.

I can't ftp or get to the server, because it's secured a bit too well.
And thus I can't change what's needed to get the feed up and running.

I also tried the plugins for it. Nothing.

And without a proper feed it won't work well enough for some services, like adgitize.
So I'm standing between two blogs, trying to keep them running well.

If someone has a clue, please let me know.

And otherwise I wish you a happy weekend.


Friday, January 22, 2010

going to a new url

I'm transferring the site to a new url.
It'll appear here when all is done.

I'll try to automatically transfer the followers, but I'm not sure how.

See you all later.

Have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

experience with children

At work all went well.
I enjoy being at work with the children who need remedial teaching.

It won't be my future job, but I like the experience, because I need to have to find a way to get in contact with all sorts of children.

Dealing with children of the family is different than dealing with unknown children.

I'm busy with my new site.

Almost all the snow has melted the last days and I really miss that wonderful white world.

Have a great day tomorrow!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Parents and bullying

First day at the new "job" today.
All went well, as was expected.
I took the opportunity to watch the remedial teacher.
To me the most interesting were the younger children (between 6 and 8) with concentration problems.
She was very playful with drawing their attention.
It makes me wonder what the causes of the attention problems are.

The evening about bullying was a huge success.
A lot of parents and almost all teachers came, including the people who watch the children in the lunchbreak and even two of the cleaningladies.
It's a subject that concerns them all.

Before I started I told them about the option of having this evening to give them information, including some tips to deal with day to day bullying, and to put another evening on the agenda to look back on the results of the tips and to answer questions.

In the end we all liked the fact that I gave the option, because the people who live far from school would be home at a reasonable time and all had the opportunity to test out some tips.
A strategy was proposed and accepted to deal with bullying during the lunchbreak, so the school and parents can use their enthousiasm immediately.

And a father offered tapes or DVD's so the safety camera of school can be used to record what's happening during that break. And we can all see it if we want.
Isn't that great.

Some I'm very happy.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Q fever

It seems like people are tired of bad news.

Reports about Q fever in this country reveal that already years ago it was known that Q fever was widely spread.
For all sorts of reasons the population wasn't warned, so for over three years people were exposed to the dangers. Like pregnant women.

The last report makes clear how many mistakes were made and that the economical risks for farms were put above health risks.

Yet there are only a handful of people who stand up and speak against it.

That worries me.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

snowed in

We went to a birthdayparty this evening and when we were ready to leave, you know, coats on, goodbyes said, we opened the door and were perplexed.

It was raining, snowing, iceraining, whatever... and the world was white.
And very slippery.

No way we would be able to reach home.

So we went back in and now we hope the showers will drift over and the ice will melt, otherwise we have to stay here all night.

One after each other mailed home or got on the phone and now I'm updating my site because I needed as bit of time for myself.
Behind me two are reading, and it's really quiet here.

In the room at the other side of the house they're having a lot of loud fun.

It's nice to look outside, so nice.
What a pity we can't capture that on a photo.

I hope the weather is a bit more friendly at your place of the world.


Friday, January 15, 2010

at the new school

Soon I'll be working at a school to finish the last part of my studies.

I was invited for a cup of coffee during the lunchbreak at the new school to meet a few collegues.

Didn't expect to be nervous, but I was.

Ofcourse they were very nice to me.
I got a tour around school, was shown where the equipment is for monday evening, in case it was forgotten to put it in the main hall, and I took a walk over the playground before the children went in again.

Great fun to see the kids poke their elbows around to get attantion and then whisper something about me.
Well, I won't be completely new next monday. That's good.

have a great weekend!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

weather - here we're lucky

I think we're lucky with the weather here.
There's been strong winds and a bit of snow, but it wasn't as cold as they said.
But maybe we'll get our share this night or tomorrow.

In the north of the country it's bad.

When you want to see photos people made, just click here and click the flags in the map. In the meantime you'll probably learn a bit of geography too. :)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

a challenge to go home

Because our studies start again tomorrow we needed to go home.

Yesterday evening traffic in a large part of the country either came to a halt of people got stuck in slow moving traffic for hours.

One of my uncles offered to drive us, but we didn't accept his offer. We can't risk him being on the roads for almost all day.

But he got us to the railwaystation and we had a nice talk before a train arrived.

Going home was a kind of challenge, because not all trains were on schedule.

The roads were OK by the time we arrived here in town. So we took the bus and we're at home now.

I'm so happy to sleep in my own bed again.

But it feels strange after being away such a long time.
It's silent here in the house, and chilly.
I kind of feel like I've landed on my two feet after a long free flight in the air.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

money and 2010

Tomorrow the christmastime ends here too. Now the year is well on it's way, reality is taking over a bit.

This afternoon I had a long talk with some uncles and others about the rising cost of living.

One of the difficulties of studying is that I have to deal with unexpected expenses.
Even though we've asked at university that teachers provide and list of what we need, these lists are subject to all sorts of changes and sometimes we're nearly freaked out by the costs of books or other sudden things we need.

That way I can't make any long term plans and can't say how much I'm able to spend freely each month.

I see that quite some things have become more expensive and even though I have a job, I would like to be able to know now whether I can devote my time on the last months of my studies or whether I need to keep on working.

I try to keep out of debt.


Monday, January 4, 2010

irresponsible people causing death

The rescue services sometimes have a hard job recuing people at sea and in the mountains. I admire them to bits.

Last summer many people went to swim in sea, far away from the beach, against all advice and warnings not to do so.

Lots were pulled out of the water, exhausted, because they couldn't cope with the strong currents.

Yesterday and today rescue workers were killed due to the brainless activities of skiers.

When you're told to stay on the pistes, stay there. Don't get yourself in trouble by going outside the prepared areas.

It seems so easy, but it clearly wasn't.

The last two days more than 7 rescue workers lost their loves due to people who didn't care.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are people different?

There's so much snow, its beautiful!

On the news people were warned not to go on the ice.
But people did anyway.

My uncle prepaired one of the fields, so children and others could skate safe.
Yet, people complained about the snow on the ice.

I don't understand they get stuck in complaining instead of going home and getting a broom to swipe the ice snowfree.

I remember some years ago.
We were about 15 young people and we all went home, got brooms and then cleaned the ice.
It was the least we could do as a gesture of appreciation that my uncle gave his field for ice.
People don't understand what parked cars and the icelayer itself do to the fields.
No crops in the spring. So that costs a lot of money for a few days of fun. Free fun. People even go to the loo at the farm and leave their litter everywhere.

Maybe the people of this year are different?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

hello from 2010


A quick hello from wintery looking world at the farm here.
We're having a great time, except for that I fled away from a far too stressful TV series... young married couple, on their way to the reception, accident, car on ice and the ice is cracking.

I hate that!!

So I'll just do with the sounds to follow a bit what's going on and have the family boys laugh about me for taking a break.
Later I'll laugh about them for watching the series. Hah!

I hope you started your year well.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!!!

Happy new year!!

We had a great start of the new year.
With a lot of friends and family present we wished each other a happy new year, raised our glasses and then the men went outside to ignite the fireworks.
We didn't have much, because my mom told anyone who wanted to come that she'd rather have them spend the money on something sensible and each one was allowed only 5 items.
Worked well.

Then we ate something together and then we took off to visit the neighbours and go to friends.

I've got a splitting headache now. Not from the drinks. I didn't drink any alcohol, but from going to bed too late.

In the morning the boys came to get me for the carbite shooting.
So I guess everybody woke up in time. LOL!

On the site of our newsagency I've found a small movie, so you can see that carbite shooting is quite rough.
It makes a loud noice. When you treat things carefully it's not as dangerous as fireworks.

I hope your new year started as well as mine.

happy new year!!

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