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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project part 1

I blogged last saturday about a wonderful site of Bella McBride which inspired me for special lessons.

Today we had the first lesson.

The group consisted of all girls and one boy.
He was added to the group at the last moment, so I had no chance to change plans.

So I just decided to go ahead and have a look at the site and etsy shop.

The girls decided to make a bag, and the boy hesitated. He wanted to make a bag for his mom, but he also liked the mushrooms of velted wool.
He took quite long to make up his mind, but then suddenly one of the girls said she wanted to make a bag and put a velted mushroom on it.

So all kids start with a basic pattern and end up with completely different bags, because they have a free choice of colour.

It's such fun!!


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