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Monday, January 18, 2010

Parents and bullying

First day at the new "job" today.
All went well, as was expected.
I took the opportunity to watch the remedial teacher.
To me the most interesting were the younger children (between 6 and 8) with concentration problems.
She was very playful with drawing their attention.
It makes me wonder what the causes of the attention problems are.

The evening about bullying was a huge success.
A lot of parents and almost all teachers came, including the people who watch the children in the lunchbreak and even two of the cleaningladies.
It's a subject that concerns them all.

Before I started I told them about the option of having this evening to give them information, including some tips to deal with day to day bullying, and to put another evening on the agenda to look back on the results of the tips and to answer questions.

In the end we all liked the fact that I gave the option, because the people who live far from school would be home at a reasonable time and all had the opportunity to test out some tips.
A strategy was proposed and accepted to deal with bullying during the lunchbreak, so the school and parents can use their enthousiasm immediately.

And a father offered tapes or DVD's so the safety camera of school can be used to record what's happening during that break. And we can all see it if we want.
Isn't that great.

Some I'm very happy.



Grampy January 19, 2010 at 12:54 PM  

Sounds like you had a very good meeting. Hope all turns out well.

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