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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 is ready for you

I was wondering about the wereabouts of friends, so I jumped on my bycicle, and paid them a visit.

They were not to happy to see me, because they were heavily involved in playing....
Grand Theft Auto 4.

I knew they were expecting this game, but I didn't know it had arrived.

They asked me to have a guess when they started to play it.
At Queensday?

One of them even spend the night in front of the shop to be the first to get one of the games.

Grand Theft Auto IV is developed for Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION®3.
Most people here call it either GTA IV or GTA 4.
It's a game that shouldn't be played by people who transfer gaming aggression into real life aggression.

Even though this Rockstar Game is the eleventh in a row of Grand Theft games, it's different.
One can see that the technical advancements are put to full use in this game.
A new engine is used: RAGE, meaning: Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine.

I saw the whole group playing it together, which was fun.
They enjoyed themselves a lot. But even better: I enjoyed myself looking at them and the game.

It seems to be a lot more realistic. The graphics are more detailed, refined.
I'm sure that is the reason why they are glued to the screen.

Will I be loosing my friends and studymates?
I doubt it.

They told me that the game can be played with multiple players but also by one player.
So they adviced me to practice well and come back when I'm ready.

I've spend some time playing and I feel like I've entered a complete different world.

I love it!!

I hope you too.


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